Friday, December 28, 2012

Sketching the City

Back to urbanscapes after doing faces for a while.. This is Cotman's watercolors on Bristol Plate. The first one I wanted it to be very vibrant as it is life in in the streets of the North End Boston, a commercial street.

North End Boston
For this watercolor I wanted a more dull palette, as it was raining and kind of a gray cloudy day. This is Washington. My friend sent me a view from his office and I loved it so much I decided to draw it

(from my friend's photo)
A friend in New Mexico has a cabin in the mountains and its snowing! He sent me this wonderful view, the sun coming through the trees was something I really wanted to capture and emphasize. The coolness of the snow in contrast with the warm light was really beautiful in the photo. Here the palette is more of a balance of temperatures
(from my friend's photo)