Welcome to USK Boston!

Membership to this group is open to New England residents as we host meetings locally every week.
We operate in a routine of doing research on sites; we give a brief of the architecture style, the historical data and the names of the architectural firms involved when available.
We discuss the techniques needed to capture the gist of the view in little time considering both still and moving subjects.
We host workshops to develop and improve your technique.
Any level of skill is welcome, any age group is encouraged; the richness of the exchange relies on the heterogeneous nature of the community.
This group is non profit and we aim to fill the need, among other goals, to support young architects and art major students to develop hard skills and aid in the process of becoming world-class professionals, at the level of other urban sketchers in the world; we support those who have never try sketching before by providing kind guidance and mentorship; we welcome retired members who enjoy drawing and want to learn more, and make new friends of all ages.
We follow the manifesto of sketching on site and the city is our classroom without walls.
Welcome to our community. This is your city, New England is our home, let's rediscover it one sketch at a time!
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