Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sketch NOW Think Later


Good morning Sketchers! 

Mike's Workshop sold out! Thank you for your enthusiasm, Mike has a WAITING LIST now. To be in the list, please contact him directly at

Have a wonderful and creative day! 

Sketch NOW Think Later Workshop

Jump into Urban Sketching with limited Time, Tools and Techniques.
  • Have you ever wanted to sketch but gave up because you didn’t know where to start or thought you didn’t have enough time?”
  • Have you ever passed up an opportunity to sketch because you were around family/friends that were non-sketchers and didn’t want to make them wait for you? 
  • Have you ever wanted to start sketching or incorporate more sketching time into your daily life but couldn’t find the time to do so?
If you answered YES to these questions, this workshop is for YOU!

Workshop description
Looking for the perfect subject, angle, composition, materials and tools to use etc. can take lots of time and bog you down even before you start sketching. In this workshop, we will pare these down to the essentials of a few tools, few techniques and few approaches so you can enjoy what you like to do in the first place: To jump right into sketching anytime, anywhere, and in any situation!

Learning goals
  1. Learn how to sketch within a limited amount of time to create better-looking work.
  2. Learn how using a limited number of tools will allow you to approach sketching situations faster.
  3. Learn a few great techniques that will allow you to capture the moment faster.
Workshop location
Downtown, Boston MA, USA
(Exact Location will be announced soon)

June 17th (Saturday)
June 10th (Saturday)
10AM – 1PM (3 Hours) 

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